Founded in 1991, Cargolink is a company with 100% Spanish capital
based in Alicante and with subsidiaries in several countries

Three highly experienced entrepreneurs in the transport sector, started the activity with great enthusiasm and a clear objective: to offer a distinct and quality service to the client, even in those countries that presented special complexities, such as many Eastern Countries.

To fulfil this goal, Cargolink has not hesitated to expand its staff and create its own networks, both commercial and technical, in key countries such as Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, etc …

Our aims

Cargolink has a clear objective since its foundation: to cooperate with its customers by providing tailor-made transport solutions.
Given our extensive experience in the sector and the accumulated baggage in complex or non-usual traffics, we are in a position to provide a global service that goes beyond the transport itself. Some examples are:
– Specific customs and logistics solutions.
– Documentation management and neutralization procedures.
– Load and unload bookings .
– Special transports, like Mini-Tirs.
– Management of trade fairs.
– Special equipment required in certain loading areas.
– All risk Insurance.
– Storage in any country.
And in general ,everything that is required for the successful completion of the operation, offering our human and technical resources in Spain and the rest of the countries.
We are aware of the continuous variations of the import and export market and the need to adapt quickly to the new requirements of our customers. Ever since the beginning of our activity, we have given great importance to computer and technological means as guarantee of an agile, high quality, and immediate response.
Within the limitations imposed by the market itself, and without affecting the quality of our service, we seek in each case the solution that offers the best value for money to the needs of our clients. For this, we have our own means and a network of duly selected partners that comply with demanding quality standards.

We adapt to your needs

As a transport operator we have our own equipment plus a network of partners carefully selected, proven and certified by our quality department. This duality is an advantage for our customers, as it allows us to expand the range of solutions and offer higher flexibility.
Being our priority the client´s needs, we never hesitate to use the contribution or reinforcement of external partners if we consider it more convenient for the task.

A great team

Cargolink´s main value is its highly qualified, organized human team, with long experience in transport and with a sole motivation: to offer the most suitable transport solutions and services.
We have a large traffic department of different nationalities that speak the main European languages. Together with the commercial department, they form a dynamic and highly qualified group, offering personalized attention to each client. Part of this team comes from Central and Eastern European countries, which provides good communication with our customers and partners in that area.
We also have an efficient administration department and our own IT department, which allows us to take advantage of the full potential of new technologies and a constant updating of their systems.
Our quality and technical department supervises that the material and human equipment that is selected in certain transports, fulfils the technical and legal criteria according to the client’s requirements.

A guarantee of security

The confidence of our customers is one of our priorities.

All our transport services are covered by a maximum coverage liability insurance (CMR). Optionally and upon request, any goods can be insured at all risk.

All our clients are classified and our credits insured through the Export Credit Company (COFACE).

Our company has enough capital (capital and reserves) to guarantee both our customers and suppliers the security of working with an economically sound company that meets its commitments. For several consecutive years, our effort has earned the acknowledgment of consultants of recognized international prestige as DUN BRUNDSTREET, with the inclusion of our company in the PRESTIGE RATING BOOK (15,000 best Spanish companies).



26 years operating with
all kinds of traffics and countries


Externally certified quality
(ISO 9001)


Competitive prices
and flexible services


and experienced team

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