We offer additional assistance to ensure punctuality, efficiency and reliability all the way to the destination

In addition to our main activity, which is the International Transport of Goods by Road, we offer our customers a series of additional services and arrangements.
Complementary risk insurance: All our transport services are insured for the maximum amount of responsibility determined by the CMR (Transport of Goods by Road). Although we always recommend our customers, to hire an All Risk Insurance for the value of the goods: We would act as agents being our customer the beneficiary . It is usually arranged through the insurance company MAPFRE which offers the highest guarantees in road transport (INSTITUTE CARGO CLAUSES).
The main reason for recommending such hiring is that it is not subject to the limitations of the CMR agreement: Maximum amount of compensation per kilogram transported, as well as exceptions of carrier´s liability depending on circumstances of a loss.
Another advantage is that, being the customer the beneficiary, he will be paid directly from the insurance in case of damages.
By having a global floating policy, we can offer very interesting conditions to all our customers. Please consult our traffic or commercial department. 
Organization, on your behalf, regarding the loading, unloading and documents issue process: Besides the execution of the international transport, many clients usually require our services regarding documentation issue or any other control aimed for the successful entire transport process.
Our team speaks more than 10 European languages ​and can provide any type of translation or specific communication with your counterpart.
Likewise, we organize, on behalf of our clients, the prebookings of loading and unloading times/dates in the case of factories or warehouses with those requirements. These arrangements are made in the native language when necessary, avoiding the customers the maximum time and work that such procedures take.
Under special request of our clients we can carry out specific controls of the goods (packaging, references,labeling, etc …) during the loading process.
We are specialised in neutralization of documents during transport in case of triangular operations. For this purpose, we have facilities where we can arrange all documents involved.
Customs management: In the case of non-EU transport, we have correspondents in most of the border points in order to manage and perform the customs and phytosanitary clearance that both import and export require.

  • The confidence of our customers is one of our priorities. All our transport services are covered by a maximum coverage liability insurance (CMR).



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